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Mr. Hussein Al-Anazy, the Chairman

Due to the fast developing Telecommunications Technology, the world is a much smaller place than ever before resulting in people, no longer being confined to products, services or information that is offered to them locally. Today, more than ever, people know the value of their money and what that money can purchase.

Many companies strive to meet their customer requirements of providing products and services that deliver value for money. In a competitive and open market, which Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming, some of the companies achieve this goal. On the other hand, many companies cannot satisfy their customers, simply because of the high costs associated with quality products or services.

It was perceived that in order to fill this void, a company should be created to provide high quality "International" products and services to "local" customers with affordable prices.

That is why Saudi Petro Gas Company was founded. Our company has the commitment to bring to the marketplace companies that have world-renowned products and services that improve the productivity of our customers and further assist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve its millennium goals.

This, however, cannot be achieved without a comprehensive knowledge of the local conditions and complete awareness of the international market. People are the strength of any organization and we are proud of ourselves in bringing experienced multinational staff to our organization.

By association with Saudi Petro Gas Company, there is an inherent recognition to our values, which we maintain to the highest level:

  • Accountability, we are responsible for our actions, behaviours and outcomes.
  • Customer Service, we meet our customers' needs and strive to exceed their expectations.
  • Environment, we respect and enhance the environment.
  • Expertise, we apply our skills, competency and experience to deliver effective and innovative products and services.
  • Integrity and Respect, we are honest, truthful and respectful in all that we do.
  • People, we support, develop and motivate each other, professionally and personally.
  • Safety, we put safety above time, cost, productivity and employment.
  • Partners' value, we deliver consistent returns and long-term growth

Together, we can build a prosperous future in this challenging market.

Hussein Al-Anazy

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