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Security and Assets Protection Home
Fire Protection Course

Our commitment in Saudi Petro Gas Company is to ensure that only the leading firms in the world are recruited to bring their products and services to Saudi Arabia and the Security Division of Saudi Petro Gas exemplifies this philosophy.

Assets Protection Company

Towards the end of the year 1998 Saudi Petro Gas Company developed its strategy to bring quality security and safety services to the Saudi Arabian and Gulf region markets. After conducting the supporting studies, Assets Protection Company was formed to provide:

  • Certified Training Services.
  • Security and Consulting Services.
  • Specialized Security and Safety Products.
  • Security and Safety Turnkey Projects.

to security and safety professionals, corporations and government agencies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

In order to fulfill these objectives successfully, Assets Protection Comp-any:
  • Established, in association with Science Applications International Corporation, the Security and Safety Training Center No.1 in Dhahran.
  • Contracted high caliber instructors and consultants who were serving in law enforcement agencies in the USA.
  • Represents reputed US companies that can provide equipment and implement turnkey security and safety projects.

To ensure that our services meet the highest standards of professionalism, major US security organizations, institutions and universities review our programs for academic content and integrity. Upon successful completion of each training course, the student will receive a world-recognized certification for his level of achievement in the course.

Integrated Security and Safety Projects

Through our partnerships, Saudi Petro Gas Company can offer premier security solutions, including:

  • Security Access, utilization state-of-the-art identification cards that include smart chips, bio-metric information (finger print, digitized photo).
  • Facial recognition Identification Systems, in which a camera can scan an area, lock in on a person face and tries to match it against a data base knowable criminals and terrorists.
  • Automatic fingerprinting Identification System (AFIS) for police and security forces as well as for business sectors.

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